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EnvironnementChanging behavior for a safer world, both in terms of safety and environment; This is the purpose of Terranova, in other words, it’s contribution.

More specifically, let's say Terranova has already provided training and awareness to more than 2 million people in information security. No doubt this awareness has had a considerable impact, although difficult to measure, in spheres such as:

  • Identity theft,
  • Social engineering,
  • Protection of personal information
  • Etc..

Terranova is now committed to the protection of the environment. The company recently launched a new program in sustainable development. More than 15,000 people are already being trained.

"It is through education, training, and even the awareness that everyone will do their part, as a result, each of us will contribute to a better world. "-says Lise Lapointe, president of Terranova.

Terranova is also very active in charitable causes, including: The Quebec Cancer Foundation, Tel Young as well as sustainable development projects for Scotiabank.

Terranova is also launching a project educating children about information security through social media.