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Ready-to-deploy courses for all members of your organization

  • Fully customizable

    Our solutions are ready to launch, but can be customized for your organisation. It can include:

    Your company corporate identity and branding. Your own security policies and rules. Your special needs or internal realities.

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  • Pick and choose. Build your own campaign

    Pick & choose between e-learning activities and a wide variety of measurement, communication and reinforcement tools. Build your own sustainable development campaign, tailored to your needs.

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  • Interactive and engaging content

    The approach we designed is unique to Terranova. We use a specific methodology that allows users to quickly learn and retain information. We use text, audio, animations and interactive activities for each different topic to maximize the learning experience.
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  • We speak your language

    Our privacy awareness courses are available in over 10 languages, can be accessed by any PC user and are available on Terranova's Hosted LMS (learning management system) or on your LMS.

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