Training & Courses

A simple and effective program that presents the principles of Privacy, as well as the best practices related to it. This program allows users to understand and apply best practices to protection of personnal information matters. It emphasizes the importance of protecting confidential and strategic information.  By acquainting your users with the threats and teaching them how to avoid them, it will help to minimize your organization’s operational risks and financial losses. In other words, a tangible return on your investment is guaranteed.


  • User-friendly navigation
  • Interactive and interesting learning activities
  • Available in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, etc.
  • Can be accessed by any PC user
  • Audio can be activated or muted
  • Complete glossary
  • Evaluation at the end of a course for each module
  • 100% customizable content; branding included
  • Electronic acceptance form available for users to accept your policies
  • Available on Terranova’s Hosted LMS (learning management system) or on your LMS.
  • Updated annually
  • SCORM and AICC compliant

Effective educational approach

The approach we designed is unique to Terranova. We use a specific methodology that allows users to quickly learn and retain information. We use text, audio, animations and interactive activities for each different topic to maximize the learning experience.

Flexible deployment options

With Terranova you will easily be able to enroll, manage, monitor and certify participants in a privacy awareness training program.
Install the courses on:

  • Your Learning Management System (LMS);
  • Terranova's hosted LMS;
  • Your intranet.