Learning Management System

Deployment and flexibility to suit your needs

Terranova gives you the ability to roll out your courses with the technology that meets your needs. You will easily be able to enroll, manage, monitor and certify participants in a privacy training program.

Deployment Options:

Install the program on your learning management system

All Terranova courses and quizzes are SCORM and AICC compliant and have been tested in large multinational corporations and government institutions. Clients can easily upload course content into their own LMS. The courses have been tested with multiple browsers.

Terranova's learning management system

Whether you opt to install Terranova's LMS behind your firewall or host it remotely, the LMS provides you with a range of functionalities:

  • Available in multiple languages for end-users: English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, etc.

  • Available in English and French for administrators

  • Tracks ongoing e-learning activities in real-time

  • Facilitates centralized management of all e-learning programs

  • Provides various reports to monitor participants (company, division, department)

  • Gives secured login access for trainees and administrators

  • Brands the company with the ability to display a logo in the system

  • Customizable reports


Terranova’s learning management system and hosting

Along with the functionalities listed above, here are the benefits of the hosted solution:

  • Cost-effective - no server or software costs

  • Less technical support required from IT

  • Updates are automatically installed

  • No SSL certificate